Why Invest?

During the 2014-2015 academic year, 55,855 students were enrolled at the Catholic University of Leuven, making the KU Leuven not only the biggest Dutch-speaking university in the country, but also the dynamic hub that has been Leuven’s driving force for (quite literally) ages. The continuous inflow of ambitious students ensures guaranteed demand for high-quality, modern residential units.

Students are increasingly looking for peace and quiet, whilst remaining close to the city centre. This makes investing in a student unit in Heverlee a highly attractive opportunity in which these two 2 requirements go hand in hand.
With interest rates at an all-time low – the return on savings held in savings accounts is less than the annual rate of inflation – many families and investors are scouting for an investment that will deliver an immediate return on investment (rental revenues), generate a handsome capital gain in the medium term (real property prices).

For investors (who do not use the unit themselves), SUYS handles the letting process and property management. Each month, you get a guaranteed sum paid into your account and you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will not facing any supplementary charges over the next 10 years! Discover full details of the unique concept of SUYS’s 3 guarantees!

The investment units will soon be available to investors with an equity capital of 50,000 euros. Perfectly feasible for a lot of families looking for an attractive and sustainable return on investment.

Strong suits

  • Premier location in Heverlee at 100 metres from Heverlee railway station and other forms of public transport
  • In een rustige straat gelegen, en toch op 1,8 km van de KUL.
  • Situated in a quiet street, while still just 1.8 km away from the KUL.
  • Fully renovated with a lovely garden around the back of the building.
  • All units are fully furnished and have a high standard of furnishings and fittings.
  • The building also has a communal kitchen and a 41 m² lounge area!
  • The building is set to comply with the strict EPIC (Energy performance and Indoor Climate) requirements imposed under European regulations.
  • Upon completion of the renovation, the residence will be available to fresh new residents from 15 September 2017!
  • Invest without a care, in amongst other things courtesy of a 10-year rental guarantee.

Prices en Floor Plans

Residentie Lambertus is a Suys real estate project. Sales prices as part of this project range from 144,000 to 228.000 euros. Apply for our brochure now for the full plans and a comprehensive summary! Syus guides private citizens and investors with a tailored high-yield investment plan and invests in quality real estate situated in prime locations – the only guarantee for a stable, long-term rise in value.

If you have an available investment capital of at least 50,000 euros and an investment horizon of at least 5 years, we would be happy to show you the kind of return on investment this will secure you.

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Every customer has his own story and his own background. Which is why Syus carefully listens to your goals and expectations. Further to analysis, we present you with a duly underpinned investment plan that is tailored to your individual situation.