Invest in the growth city that is Leuven. Leuven is a city that is very appealing to highly educated and wealthy tenants. Alongside the Catholic University of Leuven, the city is home to numerous spin-offs, businesses that rank among the top tier in their field of expertise or are well on their way to joining those ranks. A great many PhD students, scientists, engineers, commercial talent and expats are coming to live and work in Leuven. Most of them prefer modern, comfortable apartments or studio flats – which is exactly what the Syus projects cater for. The proximity of other major cities, trunk roads and the general quality of life Leuven is renowned for all add to the popular appeal of this growing and thriving city.


Leuven, home of the IMEC

The Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre is Europe’s largest independent research centre in the areas of microelectronics and nano technology. Operating out of the Leuven campus, the centre works closely with major electronics companies from all corners of the globe. Today, the IMEC’s Leuven site is home to over 2,000 staff, a number which is only expected to rise in the years ahead. These are highly trained scientists and engineers who are looking to live close to their place of work and who place a premium on comfort and quality of life.

Leuven, home to those who enjoy the good life

All things a major city has to offer and the friendliness of a provincial town: that is Leuven for you. Quality services, shopping, sports, leisure facilities, dining out … this city’s varied offering never ceases to amaze visitors and residents alike. Come and live here and you will never want to leave. The local council too is making every effort to make life as pleasurable as possible.

If Leuven rounds the cape of 100,000 residents in the years to come, it will qualify for 6.7 million euros in extra grants, which local politicians have pledged to use to reduce supplementary municipal tax and local personal income tax, to make living in Leuven even more affordable and rewarding.


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